UncategorizedOral Health Tip: It’s all about that Bone…That Bone


While it seems that most of our attention is on healthy teeth and gum tissue, it all begins with the health of the bone that holds things in place. The bone is the foundation for the esthetics of your smile as well as the functioning of your teeth with normal chewing and eating.


Our dental team works very hard to help you keep your oral health in great shape and this entails thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums, as well as repairing and fixing teeth as needed. Most dental disease is progressive in that it will continue to become more destructive until we treat and eliminate the problems. This is one reason that we encourage you to return for recommended procedures as quickly as possible.



What Types of Dental Problems Cause Bone Loss?


Tooth problems left untreated can result in tooth loss that will result in loss of bone in this area and around adjacent teeth.


Gum problems left untreated can result in a generalized loss of bone support in specific areas or throughout your mouth. And in most cases, there is no going back. Bone grafts work well, but there are limits to what they can do.


How to Improve Oral Health and Prevent Bone Loss in Teeth?


We like the analogy that the bone in your jaws is the like the foundation of your house. You can have a great looking house, but if the foundation is not in good shape, it can lead to lots of problems that can and will cost a lot of money to repair. The bone in your jaws is no different.


Keeping plaque and calculus off the teeth and gums will help make sure the bone is healthy.  Once the bone goes away, it is very difficult to put it back. And that leads to more timely and expensive care, and, in many cases, less than ideal solutions.



When you take the time to properly care for your teeth and gums, you are also doing one of the most important things you may not see, which is taking care of the bone in your jaws.