UncategorizedHow to Deal with a Dental Emergency on Vacation?


We are not sure why but many dental emergencies take place over weekends and while on vacation. We receive many of your frantic calls after normal office hours and work hard to make sure we address these problems as quickly as possible. So what do you do if you have an emergency?


Here is a quick list of dental emergencies and what to do if they arise:


Non-Immediate Emergencies

These can usually wait until the office is open or you return home from vacation:

  1. Chipped tooth
  2. Sensitive tooth where the discomfort goes away within 10-15 seconds
  3. Crown that has come out –  keep it safe and bring with you to your appointment
  4. Broken tooth with no sensitivity


Immediate Emergencies

Call us as soon as possible!

  1. Swelling – an infection is present and immediate care is needed
  2. Tooth Pain – a tooth or area that constantly hurts for no reason indicates the likelihood of an infection.
  3. Front tooth is broken, crown is off, or cracked teeth – this is an ‘esthetic emergency’.  We want to see you quickly to make sure you can go out in public and not be embarrassed.


Be careful what you find on Google or searching the web.  Some of the information is accurate, but much of it is written by the wrong people not trained to handle dental situations properly.


If you are unsure of what is going on, call our office and you will be directed to contact the dentist on call.  704-377-2503


We wish you safe travels and hope you leave the dental emergencies behind.