A lifetime of good oral health takes continued effort, good nutrition, and great professional care. As your partner in creating your pathway to the most optimal health possible, we are prepared to provide all aspects of dental care from preventive visits to wide ranging offering of general dental services. And just as important, we have cultivated a team of the best specialists in our community to work with our patients when needed.


While our dental hand-piece (or drill) is still around, we have added many technology products into our protocols to provide services that are healthier, quicker, and more precise. Here are just a few of our main additions:

Digital X-rays- added in 1999, these x-rays are instantaneous, reduce radiation exposure by 80%, and provide the highest clarity possible.

CEREC- added in 2006, our digital CAD/CAD system allows us to image, design and fabricate crowns and veneers in about 90 minutes or less. No more temporary crowns here.

3-D CBCT Scans- added in 2014, these scans provide a beautiful life-like, 3-Dimensional view of your teeth, bones and jaws. Better diagnosis and treatment planning are the main benefits to you.



Since 2006, we have been using the latest technology to make crowns, veneers, and implant restorations right in our office. No more impressions, temporary crowns, or coming back for a 2nd appointment.

With our CEREC system, we can prepare, fabricate, and cement your permanent crown in less than 1.5- 2 hours.

With less than 20% of all dentist worldwide using this amazing technology, we have been leaders in adopting this CEREC system for your benefit. Dr. Menaker was recognized as a leader in 2011 and became a certified trainer helping teach other dentists how to use this system in their office.

3-D Scans

In 2014, we added this game changing technology to our practice. Here are some of the benefits:

1: Better evaluation and diagnosis of conditions
2: Implant planning
3: Improved treatment planning
4: More accurate 3-dimensional views, never before possible

No more looking at 2-Dimensional pictures of your teeth, bone, sinuses, and jaws. These scans are part of our standard of care as we strive to offer the best and most advanced practices in the area.