Crest Whitestrips:

Similar to over-the-counter whitestrips, but may be slightly more effective.  Wear every day for 1 hour for 2 weeks.  Usually priced $63 (on Holiday special for $53)


Opal-Go Trays:

Not custom fit, but still comfortable, many patients report that they are more effective than whitestrips.  Wear every day for 15 minutes for 10 days.  Usually priced $61 (on Holiday special for $51)


Custom Whitening Trays:

Custom made to fit your teeth, most effective and least sensitivity, there is an option to wear them during the day or while you sleep at night (your choice).  Wear every day for 2 weeks.  Usually priced $320 (on Holiday special for $200)


*all whitening products will cause sensitivity.  They are not damaging your teeth at all, and the sensitivity is gone within days after you finish whitening

*to maintain your whitest smile, most people need to whiten once or twice a year.

*everyone’s teeth respond differently to whitening – some people will see a dramatic change, other’s will be more subtle