We are often asked, why are we taking this 3D x-ray? This is our why. With the most advanced technology available in dentistry, SmileCharlotte is taking CBCT images of your teeth and jaws every 3 to 5 years. These unique x-rays are not used to detect cavities. We are looking for fractures, infections, failing root canals, cysts, tumors, bone abnormalities, and more. Most recently, we found something worth sharing.
A healthy patient came in for her routine cleaning and check-up. When we took the CBCT, Dr. Rodney noticed calcifications in the x-ray that showed up in an unusual place. Calcifications in the tonsils are common and not concerning, but calcifications lower in the patient’s neck area caught Dr. Rodney’s attention. She explained to the patient that the lesions appeared near her carotid artery, and it was important for the patient to follow up with her physician.
After seeing her doctor, this patient was surprised to find out that the calcifications are, in fact, in her carotid artery. Her doctor switched up her medication and is now aware that this issue needs to be managed. If not discovered and treated, a calcified carotid artery can lead to a stroke. This patient was grateful for Dr. Rodney’s attention to detail and called to say, “you may have saved my life.”
At SmileCharlotte, we will always focus on your oral health, but we are also looking out for your overall well-being. We are so glad to have the technology and the doctors that will provide the highest level of care in dentistry.