UncategorizedOralFit Tip: It’s the Candy’s Fault!


Halloween candy continues to be the cause of lots of fillings and crowns coming out this time of year.  If your filling comes out, spit it out, and throw it away (we can’t reuse it).  If you swallowed it, don’t worry, it won’t do any harm. Call us and we will get you in right away to place a new filling.


If your crown comes out, put it in a safe place (like a plastic ziploc bag) and call our office. We will get you in immediately to recement it (if it fits well and the tooth is still healthy).  Don’t forget to bring the crown to your appointment!  If you can’t get to our office for a few days, you can purchase over-the-counter, temporary dental cement at most drug stores, and you can put your crown back on at home.  But make sure you make an appointment with us, because those temporary cements don’t last.


If you swallow your crown, don’t be concerned, we will make you a new one. Just let our receptionist know that it’s gone.


If your filling or crown comes out over the weekend or while our office is closed, don’t panic, call the office and you will get the on-call phone number.  One of our doctors will be happy to take your call and give you instructions.  Most of the time you won’t need to come in until the office opens again.


Enjoy your Halloween fun and call us if we can help you in any way.


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