Healthy TeethRenew Your Oral Health: Benefits Of New Teeth From Charlotte’s Top Dentists

Losing a tooth or a few teeth naturally or to an accident can be intimidating. It not only takes a toll on your oral health but also your confidence. Moreover, stats suggest that people with teeth are 38% more likely to be considered smarter than people who lost a tooth or teeth. 

With such proven numbers, chances are that you’re thinking about ‘Can I replace missing teeth.’ 

Interestingly, you can! Thanks to the advancements of modern dentistry, today, we have implants to replace missing teeth. These oral appliances are the best solution for stimulating the function, look, and feel of natural teeth. 

This blog walks you through the benefits of getting new teeth in the form of dental implants. Continue reading as we understand more about the perks of getting new teeth in Charlotte. But first, let’s understand dental implants in the following sections. 

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the go-to option to replace a missing tooth. They are a great alternative replacement option for your natural tooth (from the root to the crown). Interestingly, these appliances do more than just replace your missing teeth.  

Dentist in Charlotte NC, suggests that dental implants offer a variety of improvements to your oral health, aesthetics, and quality of life. These appliances do more than replace your lost teeth; they help to maintain and strengthen the bone structure and add confidence to your smile.

So now that we have an idea of what dental implants are, let’s look at how these new teeth add to your lifestyle. 

Perks Of New Teeth Via Dental Implants

It Gives You A Natural Look & Feel

Modern and quality products make dental implants a great replacement tooth option. The use of modern dentistry allows your implants to give a similar look, feel, and function as your natural teeth. 

These implants are customized to meet the requirements of individual patients based on individual tooth and dental conditions to ensure a comfortable and seamless fit. Once you opt for these new teeth in Charlotte, you experience stability and functionality unmatched by other tooth replacement options. 

Prevents Further Bone Loss

Losing a tooth as an adult invites numerous problems. For instance, once you lose a tooth, the surrounding bone mass around your missing tooth starts to deteriorate as there’s no root to strengthen the jawbone. Additionally, if you lose more teeth, the bone loss cannot be reversed, and the nearby teeth start tilting toward the open space. 

The condition results in a ‘caved-in’ facial appearance where you look older, and the skin sags over time. However, with dental implants, you’re at a chance to replace the missing root with the titanium screw. It acts as a root replacement and stimulates new bone growth via osseointegration. This saves you from any possibilities of bone reabsorption, facial sagging, and movement of adjacent teeth.

Amplifies Your Speech

Missing teeth affect the way you speak. The gaps in your jawbone affect your speech, causing a possible lisp or slur when you pronounce a few words. While it may sound common, it can lead to embarrassment if you’re always worried about how you sound to others. 

However, this is where dental implants enter as a great solution. Whether topped with an implant or a crown, dental implants fill the gap and provide the required surface for your tongue to press against them and pronounce words. Moreover, implants hold your dentures (if you have any) in place and prevent them from slipping or sliding while you talk effortlessly.

Freedom To Enjoy Your Food

Missing teeth can be a major drawback, especially if you’re a foodie! You’re restricted from eating certain food items when you lose one or a few teeth (especially molars). 

But, if you opt for new teeth via dental implants, eating your favorite food will no longer be a problem. Since implants are firmly rooted into your jawbone, they allow you to comfortably chew your food and experience your cruising as you would with your natural teeth. 

Requires Lower Maintenance 

Concluding our list of benefits of getting replacement teeth via implants is their low maintenance. Dental implants are long-lasting and don’t require the same oral hygiene as you would with a natural tooth. This means you won’t have to necessarily brush twice a day, floss and use mouthwash daily, or visit your dentist at regular intervals for checkups and preventive cleanings.

However, if you’ve opted for implant-supported dentures, you’ll have to follow similar care as traditional dentures. Moreover, if you have implants capped with bridges, you must clean under your false tooth to maintain proper oral hygiene.

Flaunt That Great Smile Today!

Dental implants are a great alternative to give you the look and feel of natural teeth. However, like your natural teeth, these appliances require some maintenance. With proper care, implants become your permanent smile partner.  

Experience A Life Of Health & Smile!

Implants are a great option to replace your lost teeth. However, before you’re ready to don a set of new teeth, you need to ensure you consult the right professionals. At Smile Charlotte, our implants professionals have what you need. Our experts have years of experience to give you a perfectly flawless smile. Connect with us today or book an appointment at 704-377-2503 to know more.