UncategorizedOral Fit Tip: Sonicare Air Floss vs. Waterpik

We have recommended the Sonicare toothbrush for well over 15 years for one reason – it works.


Your teeth will be cleaner, your gums healthier, and your smile brighter.

Another one of our recommendations is the Waterpik. In healthy gum tissues, it is not necessary. But if you have some early to moderate inflammation in the gum tissues with gum pockets between the teeth, then the Waterpik is a great tool. It allows for flushing out debris between the teeth and can go deeper than your toothbrush or floss can reach. It is also a great tool for those in traditional braces.


Waterpik has a few models to choose from, including the original counter top model, a handheld model, and a model you can hook up to your shower.