Imagine a life of health and smiles. That is exactly what Jimmy has been imagining for over 20 years.

Hi, my name is Ashly Dollar, I came to work for SmileCharlotte in August 2007, as Dr. Menaker’s assistance.  I meet Jimmy during a routine procedure and instantly knew he would be one of my favorite patients. His personality and laughter were infectious, but he didn’t smile very much.

At a young age, Jimmy was given tetracycline, resulting in staining. Tetracycline teeth stains develop on permanent teeth while they are still forming under the gum line. During development, the drug becomes calcified in the tooth, generating tetracycline tooth stains. Jimmy’s adult teeth came in severely stained.

As I grew with the practice moving from the clinical side to the business side, I spoke with Jimmy about the financial side of restoring his teeth. The timing was just never quite right for him, but we always ended our appointments laughing and carrying on about this or that. Jimmy worked at Shutterfly for a while and we both enjoyed sharing pictures of our travels or pets.

Over the years Jimmy’s teeth continued to deteriorate (another side effect from the medication) and we would repair them one by one. On May 16, 2018, I received a call from Jimmy, “My front teeth have broken off and they are cutting me. I guess it’s time for me to do something”. I was so excited and concerned at the same time. Jimmy only wanted to fix the two front teeth. With the amount of staining it would be impossible for us to match the shade.

I made his appointment for the next morning. To my extreme delight, Jimmy came in ready to restore all EIGHT teeth! It was a party for sure!

Dr. Menaker prepped and seated beautiful temporary crowns for Jimmy in just under 3 hours.

The big reveal… not a dry eye in the room. From assistant to the office manager, this will be a day I never forget, he was smiling! Jimmy left that day no longer imagining a life of health and smiles but living one.