Clear Orthodontics

Over the past 8 years, we have incorporated some exciting new orthodontic treatments into our office to help correct minor orthodontic issues to major ones.  We use several different companies based on your specific needs to help create the aligners, which are clear plastic trays which move the teeth to the desired position.  The results have been outstanding and life-changing for many of our patients.  We invite you to come in for a free consultation with one of the doctors to see if we can help improve your smile with clear orthodontics or if we need to use other treatment options.  

We are often asked by adults how they can improve their smiles.  There are lots of options, but the best option, if possible, is to just move teeth instead of using veneers or crowns to cover them.  This is the best long term way to do things and the easiest to maintain.  Minor crowding can be corrected in as little as 3-4 months with more involved cases taking 12-18 months.  The best part about clear orthodontics is the ability to eat and clean your teeth like normal without having to worry about wires and brackets.   You remove the trays to eat and brush your teeth, and you can even get the occasional night out without them.  The trays are worn at all times except for eating and brushing.  There is virtually no discomfort with patients noticing a little soreness for a few days when a new tray is placed.  Each tray is typically replaced every 3 weeks with a small amount of movement built into each tray to allow for continuous and sustained movement.  Come in for a free consultation to see how clear orthodontics can improve your smile as weel as improve your ability to maintain your teeth for a lifetime.

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