Cerec 3D - Single Visit Crowns

 One of the very latest and most impressive new services we are offering is the single visit crown, onlay, or inlay. In the past, most of these restorations took 2 visits with a 2-3 week time period where you wore a temporary restoration until the permanent one came back from the lab. We have recently changed this with the addition of the CEREC system to our list of services. Using the long accepted process of CAD-CAM technology, we are able to create a virtual tooth using the latest computer technology and then custom design and make a new restoration to restore your tooth back to great condition. These all porcelain restorations look terrific and provide added strength and stability to the remaining tooth structure. While not the best option in all cases, we can use the CEREC system in most cases where larger restorations are needed. 

Dr. Menaker is one of the leading users of this technology in the Charlotte area.  He is a certified CEREC Trainer and co-founder of the Carolina CEREC Center, a regional center that trains other dentists how to effectively use this technology.  Less than 10% of all dentists use CEREC in their practice, although the CAD/CAM technology has been around for over 25 years.  Dr. Menaker and Dr. Rodney are proud to be leading the way by offering our patients one of the most exciting new advances in dentistry. 

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